DJ Khaled Partners with Hyde Power Potion Energy Drink

Hyde Power Potion Official Energy Drink of DJ Khaled

Major Drink Alert — Music Mogul DJ Khaled Partners with Hyde Power Potion Energy Drink by ProSupps

In a series of social media posts over the last several days, music mogul, cultural influencer, and icon DJ Khaled announced that he has entered into a business partnership with ProSupps, LLC on the Hyde Power Potion performance energy beverage. “When seeking out a partner that embodies our core values of energy and performance, DJ Khaled was the first to come to mind,” ProSupps founder TJ Humphreys said. “After months of strategic collaborative discussion with DJ Khaled and our friends at RocNation, we couldn’t be happier having him as the voice and mouthpiece for Hyde Power Potion.”

DJ Khaled added, “I’m excited to be a part of the ProSupps Hyde Power Potion team. Their vision and drive inspire and match the energy and excitement I have for the future of this partnership.”

As a partner in the Hyde Power Potion business, DJ Khaled will demonstrate the ways in which the drink helps him to have the energy to perform at a high level all day, every day. He will share the brand and product via social media, at concert and event appearances, as well as many of his other creative outlets.

Humphreys concluded, “The Hyde brand has already been established as a dominant player worldwide in the energy supplement space, and this new partnership will take that dominance to a new world of people thirsting for the type of performance energy and flavor that only Hyde Power Potion provides.”

About ProSupps LLC

ProSupps USA (PRNewsfoto/ProSupps LLC)

ProSupps LLC (, based in Frisco, TX, is a leader in the sports & performance nutrition industry.  Widely known as the makers of the massively popular Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll pre-workout formulas, ProSupps provides quality performance nutrition solutions focused on energy, performance, and recovery. Hyde Power Potion, the company’s entry into the carbonated performance energy drink space, was released in early 2018 to wide acclaim. It is available at key retail partners like Vitamin Shoppe and Amazon, as well as grocery locations and convenience stores around the country.