DJ Khaled Recommends Downloading Centra Wallet App (Another One)


This week, Centra Tech found itself in the social media spotlight yet again with celebrity DJ superstar DJ Khaled sharing a photo of his Centra Wallet app on his Instagram. In it, DJ Khaled shared his excitement and enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency. The post, which garnered over 200,000 views in two days reads:

@Ishmilly came by the lab with that digital talk! Spend and store your digital assets such as Bitcoin, ethereum and more securely on the centra wallet app available now on Apple iOS store. Download it today #DigitalCurrency #Bitcoin #centra #ad

DJ Khaled joins the ranks of other prominent icons, such as super athlete Floyd Mayweather, in sharing Centra’s innovative vision for a future of digital assets and seamless value exchange. Centra Tech is going to issue the Prepaid Cards connected to the CCE module that allows their users to spend their supported Digital Assets in real time this November.

Centra Wallet Version 2.0 will be live in the Apple iOS Store, Google Play Store, and Desktop Web App.

This upgraded version has a whole new makeover with the focus being on user experience, security, and enhanced functionality. Users will be able to utilize a full fledge wallet that stores Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash, Ripple, and Centra securely and insured from network hacks or employee theft. With many exciting updates coming for November Centra has launched its product upgrade video.

As part of Centra’s greater mission to make the Centra ecosystem available to as many users as possible, the Centra Tech team has announced their plan to expand the Centra Wallet App usage to non-contributors with a 50 CTR participation. With this exciting update, users will be able to deposit the 50 CTR into their wallet to get full functioning access to the Centra Wallet and to order their cards directly from the mobile or desktop app.