Golden State Warriors VS. Brooklyn Nets: Highly Anticipated Game For Filipinos


Tanduay Rum from the PhilippinesAsia’s first and the world’s largest dark rum brand, is now actively available in America and is highly anticipating the 2017 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors go head to head with the Brooklyn Nets this Sunday at the Barclays in Brooklyn, New York! Both NBA teams are official partners of Tanduay Rum, making this basketball game, in particular, a must watch for Filipinos around the world!

“Tanduay Rum wants to give back to basketball fans in the Filipino community around the world by partnering with NBA teams from both US coasts, the Warriors and the Nets! By having two NBA partner teams of Tanduay Rum face-off is not only exciting but makes us very proud that our Filipino rum brand can represent our distinctly Filipino culture,” said President of Tanduay Rum Lucio Tan, Jr.

As part of both partnerships with the Warriors and the Nets, Tanduay Rum is available for fans to consume during their home games on both the East & West Coasts. At the Oracle Arena in Oakland on the mezzanine suite level, The Tanduay Rum Club is accessible to select Season ticket holders, as well as select beverage stands throughout Oracle Arena to try Tanduay Rum crafted, specialty cocktails. The 40/40 CLUB & Restaurant by Tanduay Rum at the Barclays Center is also a destination to enjoy Tanduay Rum crafted, specialty cocktails such as the Tanduay Oh My and Manila Mai Tai.

Part of Filipino culture is its love for basketball, being a sport brought to the tropical islands of the Philippines during American colonialism. In every town or small province in the various islands of the Philippines, you will find makeshift basketball courts, mostly with rubber slippered players of all ages. It has been said that the love of the Filipinos for the sport of basketball has unified the country more effectively than any politician and is considered a way of life!

Tanduay Rum’s history and legacy dates back to 1854 and represents the triumph of the Filipino Spirit around the world. Tanduay Rum is made with world-class, heirloom sugarcane, grown in the Tropical Islands of the Philippines, where the climate produces the sweetest varietals in the world. Tanduay Rum is a proudly Philippine made Rum that is distinctly Filipino and undeniably world class.