How Black Beauty Professionals in Dallas are Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic and Winning


Some beauty professionals saw their income go from as much as $1000 per day to $0 overnight; thus many went from comfortably supporting their families to having no income.  So drastic times called for drastic measures.

Red Carpet Ready Upscale Beauty Spa’s Beauty Professionals

In the Dallas area, top Black beauty professionals came together to determine how they could collectively overcome the COVID-19 devastation.  Other top professionals from MississippiNevadaCalifornia, and Illinois joined them. Then they were joined by top marketing professionals from GeorgiaMissouri, and California.  Ultimately, with help from the promotors of the Shop Black Week campaign and with financial backing from The Nubian Network, these beauty professionals understood that the best way to fight the pandemic and win was to work together.  So, they united and now provide unique, one-of-a-kind services in the Red Carpet Ready Upscale Beauty Spa in DeSoto, TX (

Customers can support high-quality Black beauty professionals while having access to a range of services like specialty designer nails, facials, body contouring, waxing, lashes, and special pedicures in chocolate, margaritas, or fruit.  You can find specialists who work with all-natural and organic products to treat those who require special care such as individuals on dialysis or with diabetes.

These Black beauty professionals are now leading the charge by implementing some of the strictest safety standards in the beauty industry to ensure that individuals would not have to put their health at risk to get a beauty treatment (…although their designer nails and V-steam treatments are to die for!).  By bringing all of these top services under one roof, each beauty professional is projected to do up to 10 times better than each would have prior to the pandemic.

Why Black beauty professionals?  Earlier this year because of COVID-19, all beauty businesses were forced to close because they were considered non-essential businesses, but the devastating part is that many of them were mandated to close their doors with only one-day notice. As the pandemic grew worse, the financial impact on beauty service professionals also grew worse.

Experts began to report the negative impact, and McKinsey & Company projected that revenues could fall 20 to 30 percent in the beauty industry in 2020 globally.  As other articles began to predict the lasting negative impact on the beauty industry, one mutually agreed upon fact was that Black beauty professionals would be disproportionately devastated financially.

So, this was the recipe for how they beat the COVID-19 pandemic and won.