New Book Explains How to Bounce Back from Anything

In Emotional Emancipation, Dr. Dee Carroll shares ways to reinvent yourself no matter what you've been through


New Book Explains How to Bounce Back from Anything … Racism, Trumpism, Hopelessness, Grief, Anxiety

Many people are walking around in a continuous state of pain and disappointment. When asked to identify the source of that pain, they may cite despair over the lack of civility in American politics, the ugliness of racism, the prevalence of police shootings of unarmed black men or the separation of asylum-seeking illegal immigrants from their children. Or, it might be a more personal blow such as a divorce, job loss or death in the family.

Dee Carroll (PRNewsfoto/Dee Carroll)

While Dee Carroll, Ph.D., identifies with individuals who are hurting and complaining, she wants to inspire them to display conviction, courage, and confidence to get beyond it all. That is what her new book, Emotional Emancipation: Step Into Your Freedom, Reinvent Your Challenges and Move Beyond, is all about.

“I see it too, and feel it,” she says of their pain. “But we can’t all just fall into a hole, go under our bed and hide when we have responsibilities to ourselves, our friends and our neighbors.” A master at bouncing back from adversity herself, Dr. Dee rebounded after losing her business, investments, marriage, dream home and more when the CFO of her HR consulting business mismanaged $2 million.

In her book, Dr. Dee shares her own story, as well as stories of others who have overcome insurmountable odds, and encourages readers to apply her FREEDOM technique:

Forgive yourself and others

Rejuvenate, replenish and reward yourself by taking time for you

Embrace the possibility by changing your perception of events

Express gratitude and thankfulness

Don’t quit; you just might win if you stay in the game and forge ahead

Own the fear and don’t allow it to own you

Move beyond the agony to bounce back and make a positive contribution

“No matter how bad things get, you can still grow, reinvent from pain and anxiety and start over,” Dr. Dee says. “Challenges are an opportunity to imagine a new future, create a positive life for yourself and pay it forward to help others who are struggling.”

About the author
Dee Carroll has 28-plus years of executive experience in HR and management consulting. She is a speaker, coach, and consultant and holds degrees in psychology and business administration and management. Dr. Dee has testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Housing and Urban Affairs and was featured on a CNN segment discussing the success of minority-owned businesses. Additionally, she has been featured in a number of newspapers and other publications and on several television and radio programs. She has lectured nationally and internationally for public and private sector firms and has been a guest lecturer at Howard University and Bowie State University.