“We Sing For Martin Luther King”

Liz Queler, who has recorded several GRAMMY®-nominated projects, sings "We Sing for Martin Luther King" in marking the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's passing


Based on a 1968 Song by Holly Peppe, Featuring Acclaimed Musicians Liz Queler, Seth Farber, and Joey Farber, Available Now

A new song is out called “We Sing for Martin Luther King,” featuring acclaimed musicians Liz Queler on lead vocals, Seth Farber on piano, organ, vocals, and Joey Farber on guitar, bass, and drums, based on lyrics and music written by poet and writer Holly Peppe in 1968. As the date of April 4th2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’spassing, Dr. King’s inspiring work and dream of peace, unity, social equality and justice continue to remain as important as ever in the struggles facing our nation today.

Realizing the timeliness of her original song, “In Memory of Martin Luther King,” written the morning after Dr. King’s passing, Holly Peppe shared the song with Queler. Together they rewrote the song, and Queler and her husband Seth Farber, both three-time GRAMMY® nominees, created the soundtrack for “We Sing for Martin Luther King,” along with their son Joey Farber – with the moving lyrics serving a potent reminder of Dr. King’s revered work and continuing efforts to carry out his dream.

“We Sing for Martin Luther King” (Holly PeppeLiz QuelerJoey Farber)

Liz Queler sings lead on “We Sing for Martin Luther King.” Queler has been described by Billboard as a “singer’s singer,” and performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, The Newport Folk Festival, and shared stages with folk artists Richie HavensJanis Ian, and others. Her award-winning songs and studio work have been featured on TV and film soundtracks, and in three GRAMMY®-nominated albums. She is the daughter of famed opera conductor Eve QuelerSeth Farber was musical director for the late blues singer Odetta, and his work includes Broadway credits for “Hairspray” and “Beautiful,” the late Willy “Mink” DeVille in Europe, and piano compositions that have been heard on hundreds of TV and film soundtracks. Farber has performed and recorded with iconic artists from Billy Joel and Lucinda Williams, to Gregg AllmanJon Bon JoviJohn Prine, The Staples Singers, and more. At 19 years old, Joey Farber has quickly amassed some high-profile professional music credits, including national jingles, an off-Broadway show, and appearances on Saturday Night Live and David Letterman.